Marco Rubio makes huge push to gain millennial voters

"I think that Marco reaching out to us on social media shows that he understands the value of our vote and that he's putting real resources behind trying to get it. He's not just talking about it. He's putting his money where his mouth is by creating those ads and really making a concerted effort to attract millennials, the only Republican in this cycle that's doing so," said [Darvio] Morrow.

Morrow said that without Rubio he probably wouldn't be backing anyone in this election, but has been so inspired by the young senator that he's a part of a social media group called Generation Rubio. The entire purpose of the group is to explicitly attract millennials, minorities and women to the cause. Everyone who runs the group are millennials, and all but one of them are minorities.

"I do believe social media is key. If you aren't talking to millennials on social media then you don't exist," said Morrow.


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